Attendant Care

Let us help you keep your home clean and functional, so you can live in your home stress free.

Care Services

There are natural limitations of aging that can lead to a decreased capacity for self-care. This includes conditions creating physical pain, mental health conditions, and illnesses that cause increased dependence on family members or paid help.

Because of this, for a lot of individuals, transitioning into senior life isn’t easy. It can be especially difficult for seniors to manage their day-to-day lives on their own. This is hard to realize and even harder to admit, especially for individuals who need assistance with daily living, such as individuals who have trouble walking, cleaning, or caring for themselves.


Our caregivers are trained in assessing each person’s particular needs and determining what level of supervision is required. Caregivers often work with other members of the senior’s support network to ensure that all aspects of care are being met.


For a lot of individuals, one of the most pressing concerns is the lack of human interaction and support once they are unable to do what they used to. Between retirement and family moving out, there isn't much that can be done.
This is where AgePro services can help. We have representatives who can come and provide care that you need for emotional support and companionship.


AgePro provides full housekeeping services, but for attendant care, we are still able to provide light housekeeping in part of our attendant care servcies.

Overnight Care

Being alone at night is a genuine fear for many people. It can be scary to live alone, especially when you aren't able to do all that you need. On top of this, individuals who can't provide for their own necessities need to have someone around at all times. AgePro can stay with you overnight. With this, you won't have to fear being alone or being unable to care for yourself overnight.

Hygiene Assistance

For many individuals, incontinence or difficulty with other personal hygiene is a real difficulty. For individuals that need help washing and toileting, we are able to provide assistance that they need.

Attendant services include

  • bathing and washing,
  • personal grooming and hygiene,
  • dressing/undressing,
  • toileting,
  • transferring and positioning,
  • meal preparation,
  • assistance with eating,
  • essential communications,
  • light housekeeping,
  • nurturing assistance.

Our attendant care services for seniors are offered in the Cambridge, Ontario area including Brantford, Paris, Simcoe, Port Dover, Ayr, Kitchener, Waterloo, Dundas, and Ancaster.