Disability Home Care

Our experienced team can help with disability care and tend to the unique needs of specific disabilities. We offer security and safety you can trust to help with your loved ones who require help with their day to day care and activities.

Home health care for disabled adults is a wonderful service that can help someone with disabilities to get the care he or she needs at home while offering peace of mind to that individual’s family or other loved ones. Disabled individuals often find that they are able to live their lives more independently, without relying on family members so much when home care is introduced. This can allow a more traditional relationship with family and helps restore independence and quality of life.

At AgePro, we offer a variety of services ranging from general assistance and companionship to medical care and emotional support. We work closely with doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide a holistic approach. Home disability care can provide assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, home maintenance and cleaning, medication reminders and meal preparation for disabled adults who are unable to do these tasks on their own due to their condition or age-related medical problems.

Our exceptional in-home care services for seniors are offered in the Cambridge, Ontario area including Brantford, Paris, Simcoe, Port Dover, Ayr,  Kitchener, Waterloo, Dundas and Ancaster.