Housekeeping Services

Let us help you keep your home clean and functional, so you can live in your home stress free.

A Clean Home, Done for You.

Are you 55+ and appreciate a clean house or apartment? Housekeeping is essential but it can be hard to get it done, especially as we age. We know that if you had family nearby they may come help. Unfortunately, the reality is they often are too far away or just don’t have the time. 

But we do.

We provide cleaning services to upkeep your home, because we know it is important to have housekeeping tasks taken care of. We focus on preventing everything from pests to tripping hazards and keeping your home both lovable and livable.

Why You Should use AgePro

Detail Oriented

Top to bottom cleaning of your home, to keep it in tip-top shape.


Our team takes time and care to do each task right, each and every time.


We appreciate the trust you put in us. We promise consistent results and reliable staff.

Our available senior cleaning services include dishwashing, dusting and polishing, and bathroom and shower cleaning, just to name a few. Our services to help seniors include a lot that a family member or general caregiver may have difficulty doing – especially for daily tasks. The cleaning service we offer for older adults is focused on providing you with a clean home, and we build a foundation from what you request. 

We know the general types of cleaning services that are always needed, but we can accommodate your specific needs, disabilities, or preferences. We include cleaning services and upkeep for pet litter boxes and our client home exteriors, outdoors, and yards. Often things like simple pet care and outdoor upkeep go uncared for with other services, but we know how important it is to have these simple things taken care of.

Housekeeping Services for Seniors

Our caring team specializes in all aspects of senior care, and this includes all types of home cleaning. We keep in mind the unique needs of our senior clients when we are helping them in their homes.

We do provide many kinds of light housekeeping services, but we also offer these less frequent types of care for a clean home. Below are a few of the tasks we often help with, if yours is not listed, don’t worry! We can do almost anything in the realm of senior care. Just give us a call and a member of our friendly team will help find a solution for you.

  • Floor care including sweeping, vacuuming and mopping
  • Dusting and polishing 
  • Furniture care
  • Cleaning surfaces 
  • Kitchen cleaning and dishwashing 
  • Bathroom and shower 
  • Organization 
  • Window cleaning – see our handyman services here 
  • Laundry washing, drying and folding 
  • Deep cleaning 
  • Washing and dusting vertical surfaces such as walls and trim
  • Cleaning appliances and appliance surfaces 
  • General yard cleaning – see our handyman services 
  • Move in and move out cleaning 
  • Decluttering 
  • Making beds and general tidying 
  • Cat litter and pet cleanup 

Helping You Stay At Home

We can help you stay in your home with a variety of services taken care of for you. Your comfort and safety is our top priority.

Give us a call today to find the perfect solution for your unique situation.