Day programs

Social Wellness Day Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

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Day Programs

Come join us while having fun with new friends at AgePro’s facility located in Cambridge Ontario. Engage in fun activities, laugh, meet new people, and have meaningful conversations.

The program is Designed For:

Every Tuesday, Starting November 1, 2022

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Individuals over 55

One of the most difficult parts of aging is a sudden lack of community. After retirement, when physical limitations add up, having others around that you interact with daily is difficult. These interactive programs increase community participation. This way, it can effectively reduce the social isolation older individuals may feel. 

Our program involves activities of all kinds so that each person can participate and feel included. This includes games as well as active learning opportunities. It also includes music as a large part of what we do during the activities.

We emphasize physical activities for participants to get the opportunity to move around and feel good. Getting enough physical activity can be a significant challenge, especially when individuals rely on the help of caregivers for this. 

Especially to give respite to primary caregivers, having individuals participate in these programs and activities helps take care of their needs and give caregivers their time back. This also lets participants enjoy the company and companionship of others outside of just their caregivers. 

Having the opportunity to participate in activities independently while surrounded by a community that can empathize to your situation and quality activities to keep you stimulated, is greatly important to make your golden years truly golden.

Individuals with Disabilities

Living with disabilities can make participating in general activities difficult and frustrating. We understand that a variety of programs don’t allow for the needs that disabled individuals have. Activities that are centered around each ability level help make life more engaging, stimulating, and enjoyable. AgePro’s day program allows you to have more of the activities that you are looking for. 

Community is a huge focus of what we offer in these programs. It’s important to have interaction not only with caregivers but with other participants and the community as a whole. Having a variety of activities to include all types and capture all interests is what helps reduce any social isolation. 

Activities help individuals develop and maintain social skills and independence. They also provide opportunities to learn and play in ways that don’t exclude disabled individuals – it will apply to you and your situations. This includes providing respite for caregivers as they don’t have to create and maintain interest or monitor activities. 

The programs that we offer include fun experiences with active learning opportunities. They also offer a variety of games specifically designed to be available to individuals with disabilities. Whether the activities are focused on healthy movement or calming music, the programs are perfect for daily activity.