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nursing care vs PSW care
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Nursing Care vs PSW Care

We often get calls from clients looking for nursing care but after a conversation, we discover they are actually looking for personal support worker care,

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senior in need of overnight care from AgePro in Ontario
Services for Seniors

Senior Overnight Care

As we age, we may need extra help with our daily tasks and medical needs. This is where overnight senior care comes in. Overnight care

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holding hands to protect against falling
Helpful Tips


In the majority of hospitalizations for Ontarians 65 and older, unintentional falls are the main cause of hip fractures injuries. Every year, 20 to 30

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Aging Care

Healthy Eating And Seniors

Meals for seniors who love sweets and old-fashioned meat and potatoes can be a hard issue to tackle. My grandparents immigrated from Europe to Canada

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