AgePro Handyman Small Job Service

We welcome your small jobs! We understand it can be difficult for seniors to find help for smaller jobs and that not many services are offered to address this need. Our team can help on a one-time or ongoing basis to help with small jobs.

  • Change lightbulbs 
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors, CO2 detectors and fire alarms 
  • Refilling cat litter and moving heavy cat litter containers 
  • Refilling softener salt and moving heavy softener salt bags 
  • Salting sidewalks and walkways 
  • Weeding gardens 
  • Hanging pictures and mounting televisions 
  • Removal or installation of seasonal decorations
  • Rearranging furniture 
  • Removal of debris/donated items
  • Curtain hanging/take down
  • Home cleaning – See our housekeeping services 
  • Building furniture 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Minor repairs 
  • Not listed here? No problem! Our team can handle almost any handyman task, just ask.

Good services. Fair pricing.

Join our monthly service plan if you have ongoing jobs that need to be completed such as filling softener salt, moving heavy items like cat litter, bulb changes, furnace filter exchanges and more. If you name it, it’s likely we can do it! It is our most popular plan.

Any unused time never expires and can be used in subsequent months if needed.

CALL US: (519) 621-3555


Contact Us for a Custom Quote
  • One-Time Service: Great for odd jobs, one-time fixes or short term needs
  • Small jobs welcome
  • Contact us to discuss the jobs to be completed and get a custom quote


Contact Us for a Custom Quote
  • Monthly/ Ongoing Service: Great for recurrent jobs such as lifting heavy objects like cat litter or softener salt, changing bulbs, regular home maintenance and more
  • Handyman services are yours to use each month for anything you need
  • Great for bundling smaller tasks needed on a regular basis
  • Unused hours never expire