Senior Care :‘Tis the season to be confused and overwhelmed?


As we yet again come to the end of December and the seasonal festivities begin, some seniors might become confused or overwhelmed.  Do you have a family member who is showing a change in their behaviour lately and is in need of senior care services?

Confused Seniors:

Some seniors with dementia/ Alzheimer’s might become more agitated during this time because of too many changes, Christmas decorations, and family members going out shopping more often, the energy of the family may change at this time of year creating a heightened state for a senior causing confusion and uncertainty, this is common, and we see it in many of our clients with the advancement of their Alzheimer’s.

Allow the senior time to be alone if needed, be aware of overstimulation, and be prepared for repetitive questions. If they repeatedly ask about the changing environment, give simple clear information, IE: It is almost Christmas, I’m going shopping with Mom we will be back at 2 pm, lunch is in the fridge, follow this up with a note stating the same thing so they can read it while you are gone.  Arrange for a caregiver to stay with your loved one while you are out, that type of service is referred to as Respite Care and can be arranged with AgePro.

Overwhelmed Senior:

Anyone can become overwhelmed, some seniors still want to have their family over for dinner, but they can’t handle all the arrangements anymore.  Families can still enjoy all the good times together but pay extra attention to the things that might be harder.  Possibly a family member can arrive a day earlier to assist with housekeeping and prepping for dinner, reassure the senior that the family will help and that you don’t mind if it isn’t completely the way it used to be.

A senior might also become overwhelmed with too many people around, grandchildren or great-grandchildren playing and moving quickly, and your senior might verbally lash out or become reclusive, or their repetitive behaviour might increase.  Remind children that Grandparents move slower and by their moving fast it can upset their grandparents, it’s not that they love them any less its just how life changes. Monitor the senior’s responses and give them a peaceful area that is quieter and less busy, sitting in a smaller room rather than the kitchen or the family room can sometimes be easier for the senior to comprehend the conversations and therefore enjoy the family time.

AgePro, Housekeeping for Senior services, and Senior Care services including Respite Care are available during the holiday season.

AgePro wishes your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.